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Oh, eine Finanztransaktionssteuer. Das klingt ja nicht schlecht, was Heike Makatsch da so erzählt.

Aber erstens darf bezweifelt werden, daß das Geld wirklich dazu genutzt wird um den Armen zu helfen.

Zweitens, hey, gucken wir doch mal auf die Erfahrungen mit sowas:

FTTs have a negative impact on economic efficiency through two channels: on the production
side, it encourages vertical integration[…], and in consumption, it increases the relative price of multi-stage goods […]. The welfare cost (deadweight loss) of the tax was estimated, for Brasil, to be quite significant, at the equivalent of 13 percent of the tax’s gross revenue, or 0.2 percent of GDP […].

Also, wer große Konzerne mag, der mag eine Finanztransaktionssteuer.

Und wem schadet so eine Steuer?

They present, however, an interesting element of horizontal inequity: in less secure parts of the country, the
holding of cash (to avoid the tax) is riskier, forcing people to rely more on bank transactions, thus suffering a tax burden higher than average. […]

Another study […], using household consumption data and the incidence of the FTT through the price system, found that it falls proportionately more on lower-income families, supporting the claim of regressivity. […]

The claim of regressivity is strengthened by the existence of channels for tax avoidance that are not evenly distributed: as detailed by Allain (2003), the FTT promotes the migration of savings abroad (for instance, ADR negotiated in New York) and the development of FTT-proof investment mechanisms such as exclusive funds—investment funds whose shares are all held by a single investor. Such schemes are normally available only to large investors.

Doch, klingt nach einer total großartigen Idee, um armen Leuten zu helfen.


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