Warum will München die Olympiade?

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Überall hängen Plakate für München2018 herum. Und ich bin natürlich dagegen.


Nehmen wir mal ein paar Analysen, z.B. die Olympischen Spiele in Atlanta. Effekte:

We use the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, which are also outstanding as one of the very few
large sporting events where ex post academic analysis found significant positive effects. […]

Regarding the Olympic effect, hardly any evidence for a persistent shift in the aftermath of or
the preparation for the Olympic Games is supported. We find a significant positive employment effect
in the monthly employment statistics exclusively during the staging of the Olympic Games (July 1996).
These short-term effects are concentrated in the sectors of “retail trade”, “accommodation and food
services”, and “arts, entertainment, and recreation”, while other sectors showed no such effects.

Also keinen.

Oder Vancouver:

As we see from Table 5 above, even the most generous measure of net benefit of
the Olympics – Event Benefits minus Event Costs – is negative (-$101m), although by a
lesser amount than was anticipated at the beginning of the project. This figure is
“helped” by fully evaluating the extra surplus from the spectacle and the Halo.
However, there are a number of factors which push the actual net benefit of this
much-celebrated project even further into the red. The first, of course, are the
infrastructure costs discussed in section 1. While this paper did not rigorously assess
these, a casual perusal of the Infrastructure Costs and the non-Olympic Infrastructure
Benefits which might be expected reveals that the net contribution of Infrastructure to the
Olympic “bottom line” will be negative by hundreds of millions of dollars. While these
costs are obvious, the standard counter-argument is that they will be offset by the
“economic impact” of the Games. However, section 4 of this paper revealed that
“economic impact”, when correctly accounted for, is not nearly as large as is generally
assumed. When combined with the substantial upside risks inherent in costs of public
works projects48, the expected overall net benefit of hosting an Olympic Games is
substantially negative.

Das ist eine enorme Verschwendung von Ressourcen. Warum wird man eigentlich immer beschimpft, wenn man das sagt?


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